Yahoo Mail’s iPad App is now available on the M1 Mac


As mobile usage warms up, it’s no surprise that developers are starting to focus more on mobile apps and at the same time improve the web experience on mobile devices. In some cases, there are some mobile apps that feel better and look better than their desktop counterparts.

If you think the Yahoo Mail mobile app is a better experience than the web platform, it might be interesting to learn that the company has announced that its native iPad app can be downloaded for M1 Mac computers.

For those unfamiliar, due to the lack of native M1 Mac apps (at least until now), Apple allows iOS apps to run on macOS. But there is one thing, and developers have the option to choose whether they want to allow the application to be used on a Mac. This is because iOS applications are clearly not optimized for macOS in terms of user interface, so it can sometimes lead to a bad experience.

At Yahoo Mail, developers seem to be more than happy with users using the iPad app on the M1 Mac. The app can be downloaded, so go to the App Store to download.

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