Why Does Instagram Require Knowing Your Birthday?


Why Does Instagram Require Knowing Your Birthday?  Image for the title article

As part of a broader effort to make its platform safer for young users, Instagram will now require everyone to share a birthday. If you do not want to share this information with Instagram, you will not be able to use the application at all.

Instagram says the target is to create a safer, more privacy-oriented experience for children using the platform and to keep them away from potential predatory adults.

A company owned by Facebook earlier this year announced It will launch many new features designed to protect users under the age of 18. These features include special profiles for children, restrictions on who can send them messages, and algorithms designed to recognize and criticize adult users who show creepy signs. behavior. Now, Instagram said it will add a key age verification feature.

As soon as you log in, Instagram will ask you to add your birthday (if you haven’t added yet). You will be required to log in to DOB ​​several times. If you haven’t shared for a while, Instagram will block you until it provides you.

For users who enter incorrect birthday information, the company plans to use a new algorithm designed to analyze your posts and determine if you are telling the truth about how old you are. Many details are not provided, but the company summarized its plans:

“We understand that some people can give us a wrong birthday, and we are developing new systems to solve this problem,” Instagram wrote. “It simply came to our notice then recently“We use artificial intelligence to estimate that older people are based on articles like ‘Holy Birthdays.'” Terrible or innovative? You decide.

In general, age verification has a very healthy meaning for social media platforms, albeit to determine who is using the platform and to reduce fishing.

At the same time, Instagram also plans to release a version of the platform specifically aimed at children Below 13. Such a change requires the company to focus on increasing privacy protection as it seeks to fall into a particularly sensitive online demographic.


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