Twitter Ticket Vacancies Are Now Available For Some iOS Users


Earlier this year, Twitter unveiled its own version of Clubhouse called Spaces. For strangers, this is a Twitter feature that allows users to live together and host conversations and meetings using voice instead of text, just like a regular Facebook group or forum.

Twitter later announced plans to allow users Make money from placesand for iOS users interested in this feature, you’ll be glad to hear that this feature is already live for at least some users.

According to To Twitter, “We want to help people who create Cool Spaces earn $$$. Today, some Homeowners will be able to create Ticket Areas! We’re just testing it on iOS now, but we hope to share it with everyone soon. Know that this will give us some time. separates, but we want to fix it for you! “

In fact, it’s not a bad idea, and it’s interesting that Twitter first came up with this idea instead of Clubhouse, which kind of started the trend. This will practically be useful for people who want to host workshops or events and earn some money. There is no information on when it will go to more users or Android, but it probably won’t be too long.

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