The Original Series of Neon Genesis Evangelion Comes in Blu-ray


Evangelion Unit-02 takes action.

The classic EVA-02 is ready for its approach.
Picture: Studio Khara

Example Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, a few weeks ago was a blessing in disguise. It was nice to finally have it Hideaki Anno‘s seminal TV series come to HD and the things he adds are loaded The $ 275 pre-order was able to justify the price tag. However, it was limited to 5,000 sets, which were collected almost immediately. Fortunately, more Evangelion on the way– and it will not break your bank.

Standard edition.

Standard edition.
Picture: GKids

GKids is releasing three more editions Neon Genesis Evangelion to the masses. First, 26 series and two original 1997 films-Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of the Evangelist– On November 2, it will be available for digital download at an unknown price point. But of course, the show will be smaller than the Standard Edition, which comes with five physical discs with five-hour add-ons that include movies and commercials, music videos, and more. It will cost you $ 60, but many retailers place pre-orders Less than $ 50.

Collector's Edition.

Collector’s Edition.
Picture: GKids

As a digital edition, the Standard Edition will also feature new, improved English dub and subtitle tracks for the 2019 Netflix series. If you also want to hear classical English sound works and subtitles created by ADV. EvangelionDebut in the original English, you need to upgrade to Collector’s Edition for both series and movies. There are also eight art cards depicting Japanese B artworkThe lu-ray series and 40-page abridged version of the giant art book that came with the Ultimate Edition. The price point for Collector’s Edition is $ 220, but you can still pre-order $ 175 Scream Factory or Right Stuf. Both sets will arrive on November 9.

Aside from the great art book mentioned above, the only things you can’t get your hands on are the NERV cord and the angel Sachiel’s small paper weight, the art cards inspired by the series’s Japanese laser disc. Instead of killing yourself and your bank account to watch this Ultimate Edition, I assure you that you can find it cheaper and more fun. Evangelion More art books than you can shake with tchotchkes and Longinus Spear all over the internet.

If you don’t know Evangelion but if you want to learn more, please guide me The Miracle of James Whitbrook guide due to the astonishing importance of the series and the anime industry, because trying to summarize this series is a bad service to the show and those who want to know more. But I will note that all four are new Evangelion Movies that “rebuild” the original series are now available for release on Amazon Prime.

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