Strava will stop updating the Old Wear OS Application for Android Watches


Strava's Wear OS application will not be updated for older Android watches.

Strava’s move to stop supporting older versions of the Wear OS could continue with other app manufacturers.
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Samsung and Google’s improved smartwatch platform, Wear OS 3, is one excited omit For Android users. For the first time in years, the wearable platform feels like a single ecosystem that partially contributes to the presentation. from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the first watches to run Wear OS 3.

Now the clocks running on the new platform are here, compresses updates to adapt to some well-known applications. But the result has put some old smartwatches in the dust.

Strava, which is a social application for tracking runs away and ride a bike, Introduced an independent version of the application for Wear OS Users since 2017. Time The app allows you to track your wrist activity without your smartphone. Recently Strava Updated Wear OS application To support Wear OS 3, however company added a warning support page: Old Wear OS watches will no longer receive Strava software updates.

In a statement Android PolisiStrava, which caused a change by a reader, fell twice as far away from outdated wearable programs:

Last week we released a new Strava app for Wear OS 3.0. As we move forward, we will not be releasing new updates to our application for Wear 2.XX – but Strava will continue to be available and will continue to work on Wear 2.XX. All new updates will be made in the Strava application for Wear OS 3.0.

Strava will continue to work, but will not take it anymore new features. This is it it is unknown whether a similar fate will be experienced old Tizen based Strava version Galaxy Watches. However, Strava’s latest move could signal a change in Wear OS applications. When it comes to app updates, old Android smartwatches may be unlucky, and some apps may stop working altogether.

Google already has it listed smart watches that will fit Wear OS 3 when it becomes more widespread in 2022. That list includes Mobvoi’s GPS and LTE TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch E3, future TicWatch devices and next generation Fossil smart watches. Google also said that Not the current version of Wear OS go anywhere, at least until you get an update or equipment where more users can post it. Google even said it has decided to bring “new application experiences” to Wear OS 2. But if some big apps are already planning to leave it behind, it’s hard to justify keeping an old Android smartwatch.

Moving a user mass from one platform to another is not easy. Google though transparent about how the course will change With Wear OS 3, it has also shown that users can take the time to upgrade. However, if app developers choose to work with Wear OS 3 before more new generation Android watches are available, the transition could be more pronounced than expected.


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