Star Trek Series Gospels have been published on the Official Website

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Serial Gospels form the basis of television production. PThe early pitch of art, part of the world-building practice, form the main foundation For the first concrete visions for a television show on the way to production. You can now view the documents decades behind Star Way TV, provides access to really interesting behind-the-scenes materials.

Bible series for TNG, DS9, Voyagerand Enterprise has been around the internet in various iterations for a while, but today in a new work by Rob Wieland official Star Way website took a new look at the foundations of the first four greatnesses Star Way TV sequels. Thanks to them documents, fans can see how these iconic shows were first imagined, what changed on the way to the small screen, and what the writers decided. most-selling these shows to networks is thought-provoking and exciting.

There are very interesting contradictions between the documents of each show, not only in the idea and the construction of the world, but also in things like seeing. Voyagerseries Sales platform next to the Bible – a document given to the press and marketing departments at the time as part of the main status of the series as a presentation show for UPN. There are small details about things that have changed since the time this Bible was written until we saw it on screen – Elizabeth Janeway became Kathryn, Deep Space NineThe use of the Gamma Quadrant wormhole would first require ships arriving at the station to receive special engine modulations.the week before “ and T’Pol was actually a younger T’Pau, a Vulcan logician and diplomat who managed Spock’s wedding at Amok Time.

But it is interesting that behind each series, there are signs of ideologies that will grow on their own shows. TNGThe Bible, for example, focuses on the role of the book Enterprise-Not as a warship, but a ship for families and research, Starfleet officers demonstrate life on a star ship beyond the roles they do on the bridge. DS9s dark vision TrekAfter discussing the consequences of the Kardashian occupation of Bajor and the role of Starfleet in the negotiations on subsequent issues, the utopia gradually became a title station. The United Nations is located in a sovereign country. “

All of them create conditions for interesting readingif you have time – for example Star Way is approaching its 55th anniversary in a few weeks, a nice look at things that can first understand what is and what can happen.

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