Researchers Discover Cancer Achilles Heel Can Slow Tumor Growth


Trying to treat cancer is a bit of a mess. We have seen and heard countless stories of people who seem to have recovered just to get the disease back. We have also seen cases of completely cured people and heard about some types of cancer that are more deadly than others.

Basically, we still have a lot to learn to defeat him, and now, thanks to researchers at the University of British Columbia, we may have discovered something new that could help us in that battle. Researchers claim that some people have discovered that Achilles heel can be called cancer.

Studies have found an enzyme that helps tumors grow, especially when oxygen levels are low. A protein called CAIX (Carbonic Anhydrase IX) is something that allows cancer cells to adapt to treatment and spread throughout the patient’s body. It sounds bad, but it’s also a good thing, because researchers believe that by inhibiting the body’s production of CAIX, it can slow down or even stop tumor growth.

Researchers have since identified a compound known as SLC-0111, which has inhibitory properties. Experiments on mice have shown that they are effective in treating certain types of cancer, but the downside is that the compound attacks both healthy and cancerous cells and causes unpleasant side effects.

However, researchers are optimistic that this new discovery could lead to the development and production of drugs that will help fight cancer.

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