Instagram is now asking everyone for their birthdays


If you open Instagram and see a message asking for your birthday, Instagram doesn’t want to congratulate you on your birthday, the company is trying to set everyone’s age so that they can make their platform a safer place for themselves. young users.

According to Instagram, “This information allows us to create new security features for young people and give them the right experiences for the right age group. Recent examples include changes we made in March to prevent adults from sending messages to people under the age of 18 who don’t follow them, and last month for people under 16 We have started to default to new personal accounts. “

Instagram also says they know which advertiser will restrict content by determining your age. What do you think will happen if I falsify my birthday? As much as you can, Instagram advises against it. The company says they have systems that can determine if your age is fake.

“We understand that some people may give us a wrong birthday, and we are developing new systems to deal with it. If our technology says otherwise, we will show them an option menu to check their age. “

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