How To Get Rid Of Counterfeit Products On Flipcards And Amazon – Tools To Use


The biggest nightmare when shopping on the Internet is to buy a fake product instead of the one we bought. Not only when we shop offline because we can physically inspect the product, but also when we can check the BIS and ISI mark to check its authenticity and quality before buying the product. But when shopping online, we can’t physically see the product in the same way. Don’t worry, there are other ways to get rid of FAKE products on Amazon Flipkart and we’ll discuss them today. So let’s get started.

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Ways to save yourself from fake products on flipcards and Amazon

There are many products on these shopping platforms, so any consumer can be easily deceived to buy a product that is not close to the online list. The most common example is frameless smartwatches, similar to the Apple Watch shown online, and we all know what they look like when delivered to your door.

Read the full list of products

The first and best way to get rid of counterfeit products is to read the full list of products, look at all the pictures of the product, go through the description of the product and match it.

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Read user reviews and FAQs about the product

The next step is to read the user reviews at the bottom of the page, as this will give you more clarity, prefer reviews that contain real-life images of the product. Because these users spend a lot of money on the product, going through their research will help you easily determine if the product is counterfeit and save yourself from buying it.

Stay away from fake looks

Sometimes a salesperson gets fake user reviews to sell their product, the most noticeable ones are short and there are no pictures, so stay away from them. There are also some websites that can help you identify fake reviews, all you have to do is paste the page url of the product, two websites like this:

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Do not rush to order any product at fake prices

Another event when a person buys the wrong product at the wrong price happens on sales days. In order to deceive buyers, sellers usually show fake price increases and fake discounts to sell their products on sales days.

You can tell the truth about prices using the Buyhatke extension to save yourself from falling into the trap and buying the wrong product at the wrong time, and let’s compare that across multiple platforms. (It also has its own application)

How to deal with Fake or Wrong Product Delivery

As you order the product, the butterflies in your stomach get excited until they are delivered. But what surprises you is that the incoming product is completely different from what you ordered. The best way to cope with such an event is to make a video about the receipt of delivery and removal of the package from the box.

Amazon and Flipkart accept these notes, and even the courts accept such clips as conclusive evidence to resolve the issue and help the consumer to get justice as soon as possible. This practice should be followed for every purchase, whether the product is cheap or super expensive.

What does Flipkart and Amazon do to combat counterfeit products?

Both Flipkart and Amazon are taking some steps to combat counterfeit products.

  • There is a special team to detect counterfeit products and resolve customer complaints.
  • Evaluate vendors at random on the basis of revenue, ratings, and number of complaints
  • Vendors are removed from the list and even blacklisted, so they can no longer deceive customers.

By following these few methods, you can save yourself from counterfeit products both before purchase and after delivery to your door. We also have a video explaining these steps in Hindi to better understand, you can check it out here.

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