Google tried to offer a reduced commission to calm Netflix


Companies like Apple and Google are now facing a 30% discount on iOS and Android app stores. This discount applies to both in-app purchases and in-app purchases such as subscriptions. Since then, many developers have come out to complain about how expensive it is.

Clearly, some developers and companies are more reputable than others, and thanks to an unsealed consumer claim against Google, it turned out that Google was trying to calm companies like Netflix by offering a discounted commission from the Play Store.

The document does not say how much Google wants to give up, but the lawsuit claims it is part of Google’s efforts to thwart Netflix’s search for alternative payment systems. The lawsuit also claims that other big-name apps, such as Spotify and Tinder, are looking for an alternative to the payment system offered by the Play Store.

Google then issued a statement to The Verge: “All developers are subject to the same policies as all other developers, including payment policies. For a long time, we have programs that support developers with advanced resources and investments. These programs are a sign of healthy competition between operating systems and application stores and benefit developers. gives. ”

We’re not sure if Apple is trying to drop the lawsuit against it, but the company has only recently emerged and announced that developers can now introduce users to alternative buying methods. Some see this as Apple trying to reach an agreement with the developers, although there are those who think it’s not good enough.

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