Fighting the Caldor Fire at Lake Tahoe Ski Center


South Lake Tahoe residents are out of traffic as the Caldor Fire approaches.

Picture: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

It is no small task to evacuate thousands of people, especially on a major road to the east that is not damaged. Sheriffs went door-to-door to order residents and tourists to leave. But the traffic jams followed him.

The brake lights illuminated the traffic from the bumper to the bumper under the smoke-filled sky. ABC10 meteorologist Rob Carlmark warned Those in traffic, emphasizing the danger of the situation, should make a plan in case of spot fires along the road.

This is one very familiar scene; Those fleeing the deadly Camp Fire were stuck in similar traffic, and many fled on foot when suddenly burnt down in Paradise, California.. It is impossible to say that this situation will be the same, but there is a danger when the winds blow.


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