Chrome beta test cards help you keep up to date

Google can save you from having to click (or filter your history) on your browser more than you want. The company is introducing a Chrome beta feature that adds New Tab Page Cards (pictured below) to keep up with the latest work. You can quickly return to your shopping cart, a recipe you’re working on, or a Google Document. You should enable this by activating the # ntp-modules flag, but it can be useful for you not to back down from your page visits to pick up where you are staying.

Google Chrome beta latest business cards


Another addition will help you not to go back and forth while digging into your search results. The experimental feature adds a number to the bottom of Chrome’s address bar on Android to show the rest of the search results. If one link isn’t what you’re looking for, you won’t have to hit “back” to check the rest. # You can test the queue by activating the continuous search flag.

Android beta will also help you share great words. # Activate the Webnotes-stylized flag and Chrome will create stylized images from quotes. Just click the “create card” button to share the highlighted text and select a template.

It’s not clear if these features are enabled by default in Chrome. Don’t be surprised if Google changes or even cuts them based on feedback. However, reaching more users seems to be as useful as it can be for a while.

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