Bridget Regan will play DC Supervillain


Bridget Regan waves to fans from the stage at the San Diego Comic-Con Panel.

Bridget Regan is promoting San Diego Comic-Con 2017 The Last Ship.
Picture: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Apparently never-ending list DC symbols comes to to CW simply added a classic. Poisonous Ivy, iconic villain Arriving in Gotham City on a small screen known for turning Batman’s life into hell. The film will star actress Bridget Reagan upcoming third season Batwoman, ready to start at the end of this fall.

Deadline broke down the casting news, It was reported that the season will be a recurring role, entering two finals earlier this summer. Regan will play Pamela Isley, a former botany student at Gotham University It happened supervisor. It’s not clear how the show, which now sees Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) as the only Batwoman, will fit into the third season, as Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) goes in search of her cousin. * checks notes * Bruce Wayne. That’s an important name, isn’t it?

Regan is best known for his roles on the TNT channel The Last Ship, Of the United States White collarand last year Lost Paradise, By Josh Hartnett. He was also cast in small roles inside Agent Carter (Like Dottie Underwood), John Wick, Bakire Jane, and others. It has been operating for more than 15 years.

Poison Ivy is longer than that. He has lived for 55 years Rise to be one of Batman’s most famous enemies. But unlike Catwoman Harley Quinn, has not been on many live action shows or movies (though its her played great, though less vicious role HBO Max current cartoon Harley Quinn series). His The most popular view, of course, waIn the 1997 camp classic Batman and RobinDescribed by Uma Thurman. But he had to be in the spotlight with Mr. Freeze, who he was playing at the time.the world’s biggest star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The poisonous Ivy also appeared on Fox Gotham Although the role was re-shot several times, for several seasons. Then, finally, it was believed that Poison Ivy could appear in the 2020s a team film of all the girls Birds of prey, but it did not happen. Producer and star Margot Robbie repeatedly said he would love For Harley Quinn’s show by character, perhaps by continuation.

Still can still happen – bto the gets it for the first time in CW Batwoman He returns from therectober.

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