Apple Arcade gets the exclusive Lego Star Wars game


It won’t come until next spring, but another game from the franchise is coming soon – and it’s a special Apple Arcade. Lego Star Wars Battles is a real-time strategy game that pits players against each other in one-on-one demonstrations.

You will collect a collection of characters, troops and vehicles that can be improved from all periods of the Star Wars universe. For example, you can shoot pork against Boba Fett. Don’t expect to cling to one side of the force – you’ll have a deck of light and dark side armies with different game styles for each. You will have many abilities like Darth Vader Force Slam and Luke Skywalker Force Push.

Lego Star Wars Battles

TT Games Brighton / Warner Bros. Games / Lucasfilm Games

There will be Lego towers on the battlefield that you will build, defend, attack and use to claim territory. Places include some familiar environments, including Hoth, Naboo and Endor.

TT Games is developing in Brighton Lego Star Wars Battles, Warner Bros. Games is a publisher. This will not be the first Lego game to hit the Apple Arcade. Lego Brawls and Lego Builder Travel both went into service in 2019. The second was in June.

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