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Below we will go into Samsung’s larger foldable device, but first let’s talk about a new type of PS5. You could have struggled to get a PS5, although anecdotal evidence shows that many of us were able to find consoles as spare in stores, but that didn’t stop Sony from taking over. a little new model. According to Austin Evans’ digital (non-disk drive) PlayStation 5 crash, there is a smaller, lighter cooler and a new screw to attach to the console stand.

No, it’s not like the smaller PlayStation consoles that the company likes to distribute over the life of the console – it’s too early for that. This shows that the company is looking for ways to cut production costs and make these consoles profitable.

Interestingly, Sony has already announced that it is selling the disc-based PS5 at a profit. Game consoles are sold at a loss for the first two years after they go on sale. Hopefully, that little fridge will still handle bigger, more luxurious names when it comes to the PS5.

– Matt Smith

Most work and still not enough

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 on a table with S Pen Pro in front.

For David Imel Engadget

The Z Fold 3 is a foldable device that feels more robust than ever, and is effectively cleaned with a waterproof device. It offers efficient S Pen support – it’s been the last year for the Samsung Galaxy Note series – with smoother screens, capable cameras and some useful apps. Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low, but not much sold. Using an external screen as a regular smartphone is a concern, and the internal screen – a technical marvel – is not great for casual messaging or browsing.

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But the price and strangeness of Freewrite is not practical for most.

A standalone word processor with a freewrite keyboard sits on the desktop.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

News Editor Nathan Ingraham wants to develop his creative writing skills, and Freewrite has helped him do just that, avoiding all the distractions associated with typing (good writing) on ​​PCs.

Freewrite combines a mechanical keyboard with an electronic ink screen and is designed to produce text only. There are no arrow keys, so it’s not a start to fix anything more than a few words. It has WiFi, so you can sync your projects with Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote, but that’s the only downside to the internet age.

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New watch faces can use larger screens.

BloombergMark Gurman claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in larger 41mm and 45mm sizes (up to 40mm and 44mm) with larger screens. As with the Series 4 launch, when the faces of the watches change, it is said that there will be new watch faces to use the additional visual real estate.

Apple normally updates its smartwatches with the iPhone in September. In short, it won’t be long before we know if the rumors are true.

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He can also pay more than he needs to.

A new unopened consumer lawsuit against Google alleges that the company offered Netflix a “significant reduction” in Play Store revenue to quell the flow giant’s “dissatisfaction.” Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder allegedly tried to meet the Play Store’s requirement to use the internal billing system, and such deals involved Netflix using Google’s payment platform.

The same document contains Google’s claim that the normal share of revenue is arbitrary. The company usually wants a 30 percent reduction in Play Store purchases, but apparently can break even if it’s only six percent. Internal communication allegedly shows that Google chose a 30 percent stake for “no reason other than to copy Apple.”

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