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Telegram Photos Not displayed in the gallery

Do you use Telegram for daily communication with your friends and family and can’t see the photos shared on your phone? Well, this is due to some settings that you forgot to check. Here are five such corrections on “Telegram photos not shown in the gallery.”

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Edit Telegram Photos Not Showed in Gallery

The Telegram application requires appropriate permissions to upload and save photos to your gallery application. Let’s start from there to solve the problem.

Update the Telegram application

You should check the application update first. While waiting for an update, the application does not behave as it should. So go to the Play Store on your phone and look for the Telegram update.

If you have an update, install it and then start checking the pictures in your phone’s gallery.

Enable storage in the gallery

Telegram has a setting that allows you to save images in the gallery, and if they are not active, the images will not be saved. Here’s how to activate it:

1. Open the telegram and tap the three horizontal lines on the left.

2. Now select “Chat Settings” from there.

3. On the next page, go to the “Save to Gallery” option and activate the link next to it.

This is so. Your photos are now being saved in the gallery.

Allow storage permission

If you do not give permission to save while setting up Telegram, your photos will not be saved on your phone. You can then follow these steps to grant storage permission:

1. Press and hold the Telegram application icon.

2. Select the application information and click on “Permissions” on the next page.

3. Find the “Save” or “Files and Media” option here and click on it.

4. When rejected on the next page, click the “Allow” button.

This way your pictures can start appearing in the gallery.

Enable automatic media download

If your phone continues to switch between mobile data and WiFi, you’ll need to enable the auto-download media option to save it to your gallery every time you take a picture. How to activate auto-download media:

1. Open the telegram and tap the three horizontal lines on the left.

2. Select “Data and Storage” from the options provided.

3. On the next page, you will see the section “Automatic media download” with some options “When using mobile data, when connecting to WiFi, while roaming”.

4. If you want automatic download for all ie mobile data, WiFi and romaing, activate the link next to each one.

When you activate the link, it will automatically ask you to select the type of media you want to download. Choose photos from here and that’s it. If you want to download automatically, you can also select videos and files.

Save Images Manually

Finally, if nothing else works and your image still doesn’t appear in the gallery, you can save it manually. While it’s hard to keep track of every image you take, it’s not worth saving every image, is it?

How to save a photo manually:

1 Open the roof where you want to save the picture.

2. Now tap on the photon and then the three dots on the top right.

3. Select “Save to Gallery” from the options.

That’s all, this way you can manually save images in your gallery.

Here are some ways to make Telegram photos invisible in the gallery. I hope you will be able to solve the problem by following these methods. Keep following us for more such tips and tricks!

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