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Video still of Safyre Anderson at 1996 photoshoot for "Battle for the Bench" performed by the Academy of Chinese Performing Arts, starring Jeffrey Chen, Safyre Anderson, and Leslie Jaw.  Background music is “Farfalina” from Italy.



I first came to know Clif two years ago as a student in the course I teach in constitutional law. In that course, which was heavily attended and the focus of considerable energy by many dedicated law students, Clif stood out as having the most innovative, creative and penetrating mind. He consistently perceived the most subtle aspects of the material under examination and posed the most elucidating and sophisticated questions. He was thoroughly prepared and brought a level of interest and concern to the subject matter that was without parallel by his peers. Moreover, he was an aggressive proponent of logical integrity: he demanded of himself and of others (especially the justices whose opinions we studied) a refined clarity and a systematic coherence of analysis. Through these intellectual characteristics he contributed greatly to the value of the course for other students and for me.




This past spring Clif took another course I offered: federal protection of civil rights. Again he was the intellectual leader in the classroom, quickly mastering the core of the material and perceiving the key unresolved issues. This course also offered me the opportunity to evaluate Clif's writing: he produced a long (well over 100 pages), brilliant paper to fulfill part of the course's requirements. This paper, which is an ambitious attempt to predict our political future and to prescribe the kind of education best suited to that future, reflects Clif 's extraordinary capacity to understand, to describe lucidly, and to synthesize diverse and difficult materials. The paper demonstrates that Clif has not only a keen eye for detail and a well developed capacity for careful analysis, but also a breadth of vision that is truly remarkable. It is difficult to imagine a mind which could do more justice to both individual trees and forest.




Wayne D. Brazil

Associate Professor of Law

May 27, 1980




(Author's note, 1998, this "forward" was originally a letter of recommendation. I removed a few one-sentence paragraphs. As I recall, Wayne Brazil received a J.D. and a Ph.D. in History concurrently, one from Harvard, the other from the University of California at Berkeley. I heard that he was a federal magistrate in San Francisco. Wayne, wherever you are, thank you for the encouragement.)







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