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"The Naughty Lion" performed by the Academy of Chinese Performing Arts on February 8, 1998, at Ohlone College, Freemont, California, Choreographed and Directed by David Chen, starrying Ryan Gong (on lion) and Carlin Yuen (lion's back) and Curran Gong (lion's front). Lions from the south of China are forceful, those from the north are humorous. This dance shows a lion with both south and north personalities. Through various ways of playing balls, the kung fu master shows lovely and naughty sides of the lion's personality. (Video still by Clif Anderson, Canon XL-1)




Table of Contents



Forward by Wayne Brazil



Chapter One: The Search for a Pragmatic Utopia



Chapter Two: The Evolution of Societal Structures



Chapter Three: Change as the Status Quo



Chapter Four: Autocracy and Democracy



Chapter Five: The Emerging World Order



Chapter Six: The Future Human



Chapter Seven: Education in Early Childhood



Chapter Eight: Middle Childhood



Chapter Nine: Adolescence and Education



Chapter Ten: The Systems Stage



Chapter Eleven: The Educating Society



The Dozenth Chapter: Global Transcultural Friendship












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Book Contents

Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future





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The Search for a Pragmatic Utopia




Book Contents

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Forward by Wayne Brazil

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