Jeffrey Chen and Jennifer Saito in "Horse-jacking", Ohlone College, March 4, 2000.

Pictures from recent show coming 1 by 1.


June 11, 2000

I have received 19 orders for tapes so far.  I expect all of these will be delivered to ACPA by next Sunday.  Remember, to be credited on the highlight tape, your order must be placed before June ends.   I will publish on this website a list of those who have ordered for confirmation purposes.  

April 13, 2000

Taxes are due next Monday, so work on the order form will be delayed.  Sophea needs to generate a Chinese version.  I am thinking about simplifying the options on the form so that you can pay $30 for one tape or $60 for three, eliminating the $50 for two option.  On the other hand, many people will want the first and the third and not the second, so I have not decided.  Any input?

April 10, 2000

I e-mailed a draft order form to Sophea last week.  She is to do the Chinese translation.  I will try to check with her this week on progress.  I changed the image for this page.  This one is from the March 4, performance at Ohlone.

April 4, 2000

Pricing is available.  The order forms are not ready yet.

A highlight tape for the March 2000 ACPA shows can be preordered for $30.  The tape itself may not be available until Fall 2000.  However, those who pre-order on or before June 30, 2000 will receive several benefits.  Firstly, they will receive an unedited show tape soon after their order.  Secondly, performers in families pre-ordering will be credited on the highlight video.  Thirdly, the performances on the the highlight video will be selected with the interests of those pre-ordering in mind.  Fourthly, those who pre-order will be entitled to order extra copies of the unedited show tapes for $10 each.

For extra charge, you can obtain more than one unedited show tape.  $50 buys you your choice of two unedited show tapes.  $60 buys you all three unedited show tapes.  The unedited show tapes include three versions of each dance as well as some dress rehearsal footage.  Samples of all three shows are available in Fremont and Cupertino.

For a reduced amount, you will be able to order "a la carte", performances for $10 each.

Those with special requests and needs can contact me at

From now until June 30, 2000,. there are seven options avialable.

$0 no preorder.

$30 preorder and request an unedited tape of show 1 (March 4, 2000)

$30 preorder and request an unedited tape of show 2 (March 5, 2000)

$30 preorder and request an unedited tape of show 3 (March 12, 2000)

$50 preorder and request shows 1 and 2.

$50 preorder and request shows 1 and 3.

$50 preorder and request shows 2 and 3.

$60 preorder and request shows 1, 2, and 3.

Order forms should be available by mid April.


ACPA Video News--March 29, 2000

A number of things have to be finalized before videos for the March, 2000 shows go on sale, so everything here is tentative.  I have made SHVS masters for each of the three shows.  Each master is eight hours long and includes three versions of the show, plus some dress rehearsal footage.  All the footage is raw.

I am presently making copies of the masters.  The first copies will be for proofing, then samples will be made for Fremont and Cupertino.  Each tape takes eight hours to make, so the process is slow.  The first copies I made were unacceptable.  I had to buy a new VCR to make satisfactory copies.  I am considering making new masters on the new VCR, but have not yet.

David Chen showed some highlights from the shows at the ACPA party in Fremont on March 25, 2000.  These highlights are included on the copies to be sold.  Some people complained to me about the lack of closeups.  The tapes to be sold have closeups.   The versions that David Chen elected to show were all "Director's View" versions.  The other two versions of each item include closeups.

The tentative plans are to make a number of video items for sale.  I anticipate that Sophea Chen and Mary Wei will handle sales.  First will be the eight-hour show versions.  Second, individual dance items will be made available at reduced cost.  Third, a highlight tape will be made available; it will be free to those buying an eight-hour version.  Finally, special requests may be considered.

Pricing is to be determined.  I am thinking that $30 for one show tape is reasonable.  I am considered a reduced rate for multiple tapes.  Order items (one version of one dance) will be $10 each.  The highlight tape will be priced about the same as a show type; but remember it is free to those who purchase a show tape.

The highlight type is the biggest question mark.  It will probably be made over the summer.  It will be a selection of items from the three show tapes.  The highlights will be chosen as a function of the people who buy the show tapes this spring.  I am thinking the highlights tape will include credits.  These may be limited to those who purchase show tapes.  In a sense, purchasing a show tape purchases a vote as to the contents of the highlights tape.  Therefore, purchasers of the show tape are encouraged to let their preferences as to highlights contents be known.  

Check this URL for updates.  Questions and comments can be directed to me at  Put ACPA Video in the subject heading in your e-mail so that I do not think your e-mail is spam.

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