Video Still by Clif Anderson from "Under the Grapevine" produced by The Academy of Chinese Performing Arts, Choreographed and Directed by David Chen, starring Joy Ro (off camera), Tina Ting (leftmost), Rosanna Lee, Nicole Chen, Joanna Chu, Jennifer Saito, Leslie Lan, Jenny Wu, Amy Wu, and (obscured, in back) Ellen Wu and Karen Yuan.



A&C Education Center. After-school care with instruction in (Mandarin) Chinese for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Subject matter includes Chinese writing, reading, and speaking, mathematics, music, arts, crafts, and bible studies. Depending on availability, option classes in such subjects as Kung Fu, Piano, Song Flute, are offered Christmas and Spring shows give students opportunities to read, sing, and act before an audience. While admission is on an "equal opportunity" basis, the program is geared primarily for students with at least one parent that can speak and read Chinese. Mailing address: 20061 Bollinger Rd., Cupertino California, 95014. Phone (vox) (408) 366-1578, fax (408) 873-2706. E-mail:



Academy of Chinese Performing Arts--classes in Chinese Folk Dancing, Chinese Classical Dancing, Performance Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ballet.




Asako Takami has been an Odissi dancer for over 15 years, and has studied with Smt Kumkum Lal in Delhi and Gurua Kelucharan Mohapatra in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Odissi is the classical dance form of Orissa, a state in Northeast India. Asako has performed in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, as well as in the bay area. Asako has also had additional training in Kathakali and Manipuri classical Indian dance forms. --Odissi Classes and Performances.  Phone (415) 821-4217.



Palo Alto Buddhist Temple Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) Japanese Language School. Every Friday evening September through June, 7:00 - 8:00 PM. A conversational Japanese language program primarily for children grades K-12. Some writing is taught. One class for adults is also offered. Classes are held at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple, 2751 Louis Road. For more information, contact Carl Yanari at (408) 253-5562.



Jyoti Rout is the founder and director of the Nurpur Dance Company. Her training began in Urkal Sangit Mahavidyalaya, a college of music and dance. She developed her style by virtue of the guidance of Guru Sri Niranjan Rout. She received a Master's degree in Odissi Dance as well as a degree in Classical singing and Chhau Dance. She currently teaches in the Bay Area and performs throughout the United States. For more information, contact Jyoti Rout, P.O. Box 11875, Berkeley, CA, 94712-2875, (415) 974-4313,



Lysaya Dance Ensemble. For lessons and performances in Russian, Eastern European, Yiddish, and other Dances, contact the Artistic Directors Roza Lysaya Gaby ((415)-921-7436) and Lotta Lysaya Burton ((650) 348-2444).



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élan Michaels spiritual native-american-influenced music.