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"Dance Around the World Collage" clockwise from 12N, Asako Takami performing an Odissi dance from NorthEast India, Alisa Robin Burton of the Lysaya Dance Ensemble performing a Russian dance, Artistic Director Mythili Kumar of the Abinaya Dance Company performing a Bharatnatyam dance from South India, Tina Ting of the Academy of Chinese Performing Arts performing a Chinese classical dance, EV Tassos of the Santorini Dancers performing a Greek dance, and Elizabeth Barrón of the Aztec Dancers performing Honoring Mother Earth" . Background music is “Rainmaker” © 1995 by élan Michaels.  “Mayasite” logo is based on Darrian’s 24 Karat Gold Alphabet, other "goldwork" also by Darrian.


Transcultural education will advance human reasoning so that diverse peoples can cooperate to build a consensual society that will lead humanity into its future.


Transcultural societies will prevail in the competition for world influence by making better decisions and implementing them with greater commitment. Transcultural societies are multicultural societies that make decisions by consensus forged through society-wide dialogs in cyberspace. The decisions are better because a more diverse range of cultural perspectives validates them. The decisions are implemented with greater commitment because a maximal portion of the society feels that the decisions are theirs.


Transcultural societies require individuals with "humble" perspectives that recognize their own limitations so that alternative perspectives are sought out to further understanding. Humble perspectives correspond to an advanced level of cognitive and interpersonal development. A recent achievement of human evolution, this advanced level of individual development is apparent in at least a few notable accomplishments. For the humble perspectives to become sufficiently prevalent for transcultural society to realize its potential, more effective and more extended education is required.


Transcultural education is designed to foster the developmental level and skills required for participation in multicultural consensual decision making. In child education, the emphasis is on the development of humble perspectives within a child's root culture; this should be supplemented by intensive exposure to at least one secondary culture, and acquaintance with a variety of cultures. As they become more available, teachers with humble perspectives can foster them in children by adapting transcultural goals to students' perspectives, despite differences in culture and development. In adult education, in a merger of politics and education, the consensual decision making process itself fosters the further development and the extension of transcultural skills. Thus both child and adult education reinforce the transcultural society, enhancing its ability to steer the course of humanity.





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ACPA 2002 Video News.  There were three recitals, Saturday June 22, 2002, Sunday June 23, 2002, Afternoon Show, and Sunday June 23, 2002, Evening Show.  Clif, Zenon, and Fiara Anderson, Carrie and Kate Yu, and Miles Wu shot the three recitals using three video cameras.  For each show, one camera shows the whole stage, while a second camera followed the action, while the third was used for closeups.  All the video footage from the recitals will be made available in VHS SLP format.  There will be three tapes, one for each show.  Each tape will have footage from all three cameras (which is why SLP is used). Each tape will cost $20.

Unfortunately, VHS tape cannot capture the quality of the DV tape used in the cameras.  For those wanting high quality images, there maybe DVD-R disks for sale.  If there are specific dance items you want to see on DVD, please let me know.

As of July 1, 2002, stage views for the three shows have been made available to David Chen.  A master for the June 22 Recital is in production.  Masters for the other two shows should be completed sometime next week.  


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